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MKS Hot Filament Vaccum Gauge 274043

MKS Hot Filament Vaccum Gauge 274043

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Model 274043
Description Hot Filament Vacuum Gauge
P/n  274043



Additional info

Type Vacuum Gauge
Sensor Type Bayard-Alpert Hot Cathode
Vacuum Pressure Range3.0 x 10-11 to 0.001 Torr
Accuracy ± 20% (typical)
Orientation Any
Flange Type CF with Pin Guard
Flange Size2.75 in.
Collector Tungsten, 0.005 in. diameter
Grid Refractory Metals
Length4.125 in. (105 mm)
X-ray Limit4 x 10-10 Torr
Electron Bombardment Degas100 Watts maximum
Resistance Heated Degas6.3 to 7.5 VAC at 10 Amps (l2R)
Collector Potential0 V
Grid Potential+180 VDC
FilamentSingle Thoria-coated Iridium
Filament Heating Current4 - 6 Amps
Filament Heating Voltage3 - 5 V
Filament Voltage Potential+30 VDC
Maximum Bakeout Temperature450°C


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