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SYNRAD Firestar t100 100W fst100swb CO2 Laser Source Marking RF Generator

SYNRAD Firestar t100 100W fst100swb CO2 Laser Source Marking RF Generator

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Model Firestar t100
SYNRAD Firestar T100 is a cutting edge and reliable CO2 industrial laser that allows for professional cutting and unique laser engraving of a variety of materials. Firestar T100 offers high speed, precision, and excellent quality with its multiple advanced features. SYNRAD Firestar T100 utilizes a 9.3-micron-wavelength infrared laser to provide superior mark quality with the utmost precision. Its durable metal construction and stainless steel components make it robust and reliable in industrial settings. The laser has a 100 W power output, cutting speeds of up to 24 m/s, a 6" focal spot diameter, and a 7.5"x7.5" bed area, allowing it to cut through a variety of materials rapidly and accurately. Firestar T100 also comes with a wide variety of control features to allow for precise laser engraving. This includes automatic focus adjustment (AFA) that adjusts the laser focal point to any material surface for perfect laser engraving results. It also contains Intelligent Air Flow Control (IAFC) that maintains the air flow in the laser cutting area for efficient performance. The laser bed is covered with an Automated Fume Extraction (AFE) system, which eliminates the need for manual cleaning and simplifies the process by controlling the odor and particulate levels. In addition, SYNRAD Firestar T100 has an integrated LaserLink offline-control system, which allows users to create intricate designs with the software without having to enter the work area, thereby minimizing the risk of injury. Overall, Firestar T100 is a reliable and efficient laser engraving tool that is sure to impress. Its power output, cutting speeds, and control features make it ideal for use in industrial settings, and ensure that users get the best laser engraving possible.
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